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The CD showcases Roy Crawford: Grand master fiddle player from Lineville Alabama. Roy has been playing the fiddle since he was a child. Now in his early 70’s, he is going stronger than ever. With so many competition awards his award wall will not hold them all. He has won the Senior division of the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler’s Convention numerous times. Since 1980 he has been crowned “Fiddle King” at the Georgia Mountain Fiddler’s Contest several times including 2004, beating none other than the late Randy Howard in 1996. A search online will bring a surprising amount of results for awards and other recordings he has been part of but this CD is the first that is truly his own.

Pictured: Rebe Gosdin and The Sunny Valley Boys at WBAM in Montgomery, Al. 1954-1955

(left to right) Vance Truell – guitar and banjo, Rebe Gosdin – mandolin, Chuck Franklin – guitar, Roy Crawford – fiddle , Roy is about 20 here.

Pictured: Peck Rowell and the Covered Wagon Boys (1953)

(left to right) Tater Jinks – steel guitar, Gerald Driver – rhythm guitar and vocals, Larry ? – drums, Roy Crawford – fiddle and vocals, Peck Rowell – lead guitar (Peck quit singing sometime before this)

Roy played professionally in the early 1950’s with Alabama groups such as Tommy Farr and the Southern Flames, Rebe and Rabe, Peck Rowell and the Covered Wagon Boys, and Rebe and the Sunny Valley Boys. They played schoolhouse concerts, dances and were featured on a daily radio show. 

Charlie Cushman: on banjo and guitar. Charlie is a professional musician who has worked in the Nashville area since 1974. He got his first banjo around the age of 4. Charlie has played music with the best of the best. He has spent a lot of time working with friend Mike Snider and band. Charlie played the background music for “Dukes of Hazard” CBS-TV ” show, and has played with some of the most famous people in country music including Andy Griffith, Vince Gill, and to many others to list here. A collector of rare banjo’s is just one of his hobbies. No not just another picker.

Charlie’s web site includes his biography and a large amount of information on the banjo, set-up and tone chamber tuning! A visit to his site is a must for music fans, musicians and banjo enthusiasts. 

Terry Smith: on Bass. Terry is a first class bass player. He is in so much demand that at the time of this web page writing we were unable to contact Terry but will have more information when he is available.